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  F R A G M E N T E D   U R I N A T I O N   -    O N E   O F   T H E
S E C R E T   M E T H O D S   O F   C O N T R O L L I N G
T H E   S E X U A L   E N E R G Y

In Tibet there are many controversies about the existence of the fifth DALAI-LAMA, who died in 1680 and proved to be different from his predecessors because of his open attitude towards women.

History says that one day this Dalai Lama answered his advisors who had criticized his attitude, from the highest terrace of the famous palace Potala:
"It's true that I have a lot of women but the ones who criticize me have women too. Plus the sexual union isn't for you what it is for me."

And to illustrate this he urinated from the high platform. The urine came down from that high platform to the base of the palace, from level to level and then the miracle-man Dalai Lama sucked it back.

The entire jet of urine went back to its place, under the stupefied eyes of his servants. Triumphant he came back to his advisors and told them, "When you are able to do the same thing I did, you will understand that the sexuality I practice is a lot different from the common one."

The Tantric Buddhism and the Taoism allow the initiated people to control completely the ejaculation through special secret techniques. This process requires an absolute genital-urinary control.

Taoists consider that urine and sweat are the manifestations of certain energies that have to be controlled and oriented benefic by the human being. Wise people considered that the one who's got control over the urinary potential has also got control over the sexual potential.

There are three very simple, but most efficient methods through which you can get control over sexual and urinary potential:
In reference to this connection between the urinary and the genital systems it is a common thing that the embryo has got, till the fourth month of developing, the same urinary and genital apparatus; they develop and become individual later, starting from the same type of tissue.

It's also worth mentioning that men control harder the urination process as they grow older and lose their sexual vigour. Most of them have a prostate problem. Studies have reached the conclusion that men who have an irregular sexual life, with often ejaculation, are most predisposed to prostate diseases, to urinary incontinence and renal infections.

1. First method consists in fragmented urination, which means in very short jets with a few seconds pause in between. The pause has to be long enough so that the urine flow stops completely. Especially at first jets there will be thrills through your body, especially up your spine. They will feel too strong for the weak ones. These thrills are nothing else but a manifestation of the energy transmuted through the firm and strong contractions of the urinary sphincters. Certain texts suggest that this energy (these "thrills") must be visualized and directed up the spine to the zone in the middle of the forehead.

2. Second method, that we will call the short urine retention, is stronger: when you feel the need to urinate you will relax the urinary sphincters and contract them immediately, firmly before the urine to come out of the bladder. It's a method that requires a very good control and it will be practiced only at toilet at first. Exercises are being done usually before urination (that has to be fragmented, of course). Obviously we will approach it gradually, without forcing it.

These two techniques are very efficient and it is better to be used permanently, transforming the common act of urination into a part of our daily training for harmonizing again the sexual energy, to obtain control or to maintain a perfect state of health and vigour.

  • A better control over the creative and vital energy of the human
  • Amplifying of the Yang energy inside the being (solar, masculine, of control)
  • Increasing and refreshing the whole organism
  • Increasing the power of will
  • Maintaining easily the erotic continence

By fragmenting 70 times the jet at every urination for three weeks you will take advantage of improving a lot of affections and genital-urinary dysfunctions, you will notice the increasing and harmonizing the sexual appetite.

If you will also direct and visualize the resulted energy from transmuting the urinary potential up the spine you will notice an increasing of your mental capacities, of your ability to focus. Some other secrets about fragmented urination and short urinary retention:

  • When you feel tired after an involuntary loss of sexual potential through ejaculation, urinate fragmented in as many jets as you can (ideally more than 70) and during the technique relax your body and feel the energetic thrills. You will feel fully refreshed.

  • In order to improve your sleep, to eliminate bad dreams and nightmares, to shorten the sleeping period, to eliminate the morning lack of vigour, urinate fragmented or use the technique of urinary retention before going to sleep.

  • In order to use the two techniques evoke a state of will and firmness before you use them

  • Do the spine elongation, the abdominal retraction as preparatory exercises; they are meant to purify the energetic channels through which the resulted energy is going to come up.

    3. Third method: a quarter of an hour or an hour before making love drink water (or an infusion or a juice) in large quantity (over 1 litter is best) so that during the sexual intercourse you will need to urinate. While you make love try to relax the urinary sphincters and the whole abdominal zone as you would want to urinate. You can do that without any problem because it is practically impossible to urinate at that moment (the muscles of the penis and the way that they act when it is in erection do not allow the urine to come out. Oriental masters consider urination during intercourse as a performance highly possible to reach). You will feel in a few minutes that the energy goes up easily, spontaneous. It is possible to appear some extremely pleasant thrills and an intense state of erotic and affective effervescence. You can prolong this state as long as you want by relaxing the sphincters and the inferior abdominal zone.

    Especially the beginners have the tendency to be very contracted during intercourse because of their desire to be more in control, which is wrong. In fact the more the limit of the genitals is relaxed the easier the energy will circulate, being easy to control it and for it to go up.

    The control during intercourse can become an easy exercise by practicing this technique. Many contractions and inner stress can be eliminated by this exercise. This proceeding is very useful to obtain control over the inferior abdominal zone, which is one of the hardest zones to control.

    After a study on a great number of patients with disabilities and psychic affections the specialists said that almost all muscles are very contracted. At the same time with improving the symptoms there was a physical relaxation at this level.

    Thus they were able to prove medically what the initiators had known for thousand of years. It was that any psycho - mental tension, sexual repression or inhibition is being "translated" by the organism into an involuntary contraction of the genitals.

    Starting from this observation they went "up the road" and noticed that relaxation and obtaining control over the inferior abdominal muscles and genital muscles reflect in an improvement of the psycho - mental life of the human.

    There can be one question: if relaxing of the genitals is useful, then why do they recommend certain contractions, like the one of the urinary sphincters?
    The answer is that when relaxing is perfectly controlled then you can talk about a maximum efficiency of the contractions.

    Let us compare them to a ball that has to be pushed on a certain direction. The ball is the erotic energy and the direction is up the spine and the force that moves the ball is one of these contractions. If, for example, the pelvic contraction is very strong and the rest of the body is relaxed, the energy will be pushed on as the ball is. If you add other involuntary contractions of different groups of abdominal muscles the effect is a lot weaker. Just like the ball moves chaotically under the impulse of several forces.

    Alternating harmoniously contraction and relaxation is one of the best - known secrets of the Taoist art of love. It is obvious the connection between the inner mental, emotional, state and the exterior manifestations during intercourse. Controlling these techniques is a lot more than mechanical conforming to a rule, is a sign of harmony and inner force.

    By practicing the Oriental erotic techniques a new, lucid and sincere Universe opens up to the user, a universe that was not even thought of. And what other greater joy you can offer then to put a whole Universe at disposal to the woman.

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