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  T H E   A R T   O F   M A K I N G   L O V E   D I V I N E L Y
W I T H O U T   I N T E R C O U R S E

Unfortunately most people when thinking about "making love" envisage one thing only - the intimate, genital contact. In case of a harmonious couple, when the two know and love each other, "making love" is not strictly limited to the physical, immediate act. On the contrary, "making love" becomes a common state of mind and spirit, state that they may share even for more than one day or two. Such a couple reaches the point in which they are able to communicate rapidly and so profoundly that they may even give birth to ecstatic passion by means of a glance.
Kissing, passionate embracing and caressing are very important for a complete erotic fusion. Loving and caring couples who act this way in their intimate lives use every single opportunity to express thus their affection and adoration.
An affectionate touch or a tender caress is often much more important than thousands of words; we all had the practical experience of a passionate embrace at the right time which made words futile. All these amplify the mutual appreciation and, not at all surprisingly, the erotic aspect of their lives gains in importance and enthusiasm. Sometimes these intimate, apparently insignificant things can express a simple "I love you" or, other times, they are obviously and plainly prelude to an erotic act. Such a couple communicates even without words because the two lovers reach the point in which they are able to recognize precisely the meaning of each manifestation of the other, and are also able to use these manifestations spontaneously, as means of preparing for the awaited lovemaking.

This delicious way of initiating/engaging an erotic fusion becomes a longer and more profound anticipation of the act that will take place at a certain time in the near future.
Now you have the opportunity to see the difference for yourselves - and your partners as well, because this approach to sexuality will certainly generate benefic changes in your lives, and these changes will not go on unrecognized. On the other hand, this approach endows you with the means of handling more practically and intelligently the ups and downs of sexual appetite and desire. You will also note that owing to the harmony established between the two partners, the erotic interest appears a lot sooner, together with the ability to act suitably. Thus, when the actual fusion occurs, the sexual intercourse will be more profound and successful because it will take place on the basis of a complete awakening of the partners' erotic interest to each other.
Thus you may deal a lot easier with the variations in your sexual appetite, even with a potential failure viewed form a different perspective grounded on the opinion that the erotic relationship between two lovers may be sensual even if not physically sexual. It is interesting to note that the couple gets free of the tensions and stress due to the obsession with sex. Consequently, the partners experience an increase as regards erotic pleasure and even make love a longer period of time and more intensely.
In a steady and long-term relationship lovers can reach a non-verbal level of communication and sense the feelings and thoughts of their partner.
Revealing a secret to your partner will preserve and moreover, it will intensify the mystery and communion between you two.
For instance, the woman whispers into her lover's ear, while dancing together, that she is wearing his favorite piece of lingerie. Touching "by accident" certain parts of his body can have an extraordinary effect. Some couples have such magic impression on each other through a look, plain and simple.
Another secret revealed here is connected to the use of a mysterious language of lovers, characteristic to each couple, in which they communicate even in public. Thus they have the possibility to share with each other their exact feelings, their erotic moods and expectations, feeling consequently a lot better and intimate.

These are the reasons why such couples are less predisposed to jealousy-sufferings. They flirt almost all the time, trying to respond the other's mysterious love-calls.
They no longer consider others persons as a possible threat because they know at this point that all that they have together is worth a lot more than any superficial relationship. If all these sound like a dream to you or appear too difficult to be acquired, you are given here some simple solutions that will empower you to improve your situation.
Start by going back to the way you behaved in the beginning of your relationship, when you were flirting naturally (most couples did not flirt and that's why they hadn't found any opportunity of expressing their love outside intercourse). Offer one another gifts, with no reason. There is no need for them to be expensive, what really matters are only your thoughts and feelings when you offer them. Kiss her more. Call her at least once a day to tell her that you love her. Leave love-notes in unexpected places where you are sure she will find them. Date as if you were teenagers, and this was your first date. Don't forget that there's always another option, another possibility to choose. There are many people in love but miss a lot of chances to be really happy for years. A lot of them realize that they forgot how to behave, and that only when they go back to the first stage of their relationship, they really felt happy when they were courting each other constantly. However, you know that practice makes you perfect and following these guidelines, you will soon see that you become an expert in the art of flirting and courtship. Try, be patient, keep in mind your own experience of life and the results will soon amaze you.

A very simple and efficient method to obtain such wonderful results is to organize sensual vacations. Such "erotic mini-vacations" may last one night, a weekend or even longer. The main goal is to get out of the routine, regardless of the fact that you are in bed or out of it, to flirt with and really court your partner.
You can arrange this vacation in advance.
Thus you can talk about: an aphrodisiac breakfast in bed, a sensual massage, making love in unusual places, a new erotic position or any other kind of erotic fusion that you are certain your lover will fully enjoy. Or, why not, a whole night for making all your shared fantasies come true. Naturally, every couple has a specific idea about what is good for them, what suits them, what they had always loved to do.
It is preferable that you send these signs a couple of days before the event so that your partner is surprised, but not surpassed by the events. Acting this way will also permit your partner to anticipate and even fantasize about what is going to happen. It doesn't have to be too expensive - you can put it all together in your house or you can have a special dinner or a picnic in two.
Whatever you do and wherever you are, what really matters is abandoning yourself completely to your partner and trying to do wonderful things together.
Then take the time to discuss what happened, describe in details your feelings, in order to see what went right and what didn't. It would be best if each of you organizes these vacations in turns, so that each of you has the opportunity to choose, act and decide according to own preferences.

Don't miss any opportunity to learn to be a better kisser. Spend a lot of time practicing the art of kissing when you are turned on or whenever you feel horny. As a result of erotic massage, you may learn to caress your lover in an extremely erotic way. Grant yourself a whole night and announce your lover that you will not make love in an ordinary manner. Then get creative, use your imagination and be happy.
Some couples become highly aroused even if they do not intend to have sexual intercourse, while for other couples it is very hard, maybe out of the question. Of course you could end by touching each other or one of you could help the other have an orgasm but without ejaculation. Yet it is not necessary that the erotic fusion end with an orgasm with ejaculation for both of you, even if this was the way you used to make love. Oral excitation without ejaculation-orgasm is well known and also preferred by most people.

It is regrettable that nowadays many men think strongly that any form of physical love must end with intercourse. Many women (maybe most of them) have repeatedly said that they would prefer more kisses and embraces before and during an intimate moment. Generally almost all men think that a "real man" has sex for hours and never plays like a teenager. This determines that a fairly large number of women who do not want an intimate relation yet refuse men and the kind of actions that could lead to lovemaking.
On the other hand, for many men touching and embracing are unfortunately considered as leading to sexual intercourse. They have become accustomed to this pattern of thinking to such a degree that they are unable to distinguish between the physical act and other forms of fusing with their beloved. A change in this pattern of thought requires a lot of time and effort. Such a man needs encouragement, help and taught to enjoy sensual, erotic experiences without intercourse. It will probably seem strange to him in the beginning, but in time he will become more self-assured, will-powered and virile.

Why shouldn't a couple want to have sex? There are a lot of reasons. Few of us want or can make love all the time or, to be more precise, exactly when the person we love wants to. This is why sex is not an optimal solution, applicable no matter when, which could help maintain intimacy and harmony of a couple.
Thus, in a long-term relationship, there are a lot of situations in which both partners would like to express their mutual love. For different reasons though, the intimate contact can not take place: during last months of pregnancy, immediately after birth, after a surgical procedure, in between stages of an illness etc. All these situations pled in favor of the method presented above, because even in such cases you will be able to make love to your beloved in the absence of the physical act itself.
For many loving, strong couples making love without sex plays a special part in day-to-day life, even if none of the previous situations exists. Acting like this, the couples bring into their lives the missing element and express their love in unusual, yet appealing manner, enriching their relationship.
But, as in the case of any other problem, this one also depends on the harmony and equilibrium between sex and erotic manifestations that exclude the physical contact. The goal should be to reach and maintain that ideal state in which both of you are exceptionally satisfied, fulfilled and happy about your love life.
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