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The intense, multiple and prolonged orgasm reached without man's semen emission and also without woman's explosive orgasm is the most efficient, the cheapest and at the same time the most accessible natural medicine.
Physical love made only with continence by a united and loving couple may naturally protect the human organism from diseases, psychical depressions or from pains. Nowadays some scientists agree that an intense and regular sexual activity, which is made only with continence, among other wonderful effects, may also defend us from stress and at the same time develops our individual creativity, intelligence and the good inner power. The constant experiencing of a multiple and deep orgasm without ejaculation also improves the activity of the imunitar system. At the same time those who practise sexual continence perseveringly are less anxious, have a greater confidence in their own forces and are much more optimistic.

Here they are 12 advantageous effects which physical lovemaking with sexual continence has upon both the male and the female body:

1. A regular sexual life which is carried on only with continence has as an effect the complete disappearance of stress. Many researchers consider that the appearance of stress is generally related to some disorders such as headaches, stomach-aches, pains in the nape, cardiac problems. Most of the anti-stress therapies are based especially on the relaxation of muscles. Physical love, which is made only with sexual continence, is one of the most relaxing activities for muscles, according to the statements made by specialists in physiology.
Headaches, which are most often caused by stress, will be without doubt forgotten one evening that ends in bed next to your lover states the American specialist in sexology, dr. Ruth Wistheimer.

2. Prolonged orgasms with no semen emission postpone the effect of the negative emotional states for ever. The difficulties which appear on the emotional and sentimental level are often represented at physical level by pains. The psychosomatic manifestation of the different negative emotions is stronger when one tries to repress them at any price. Many cases of physical pain is gradually alleviated by sexual intercourses had with continence.

3. The orgasm with no semen emission really improves the individual creativity and the intelligence. Right from the oldest ages, poets often felt the need to write about love and happiness. Why didn't they write poetry that talked about finances? The answer to this question could be that the spontaneous impulse to express our creativity in love could very easily turn into an artistic expression.
Recent research regarding the complex phenomena which take place in the human brain, have showed the fact that, generally, men tend to use the left hemisphere of the brain more, while women use the both hemisphere many times. Surprising is the fact that during the deep orgasm, with no semen emission, it has been ascertained a significant increase of the creativity. Also during profound orgasms both women and men use the both hemispheres of the brain. At the same time it has been ascertained that after 4-5 orgasms with no semen emission in the case of the man and no explosive orgasm in the case of the woman, the intelligence of both lovers is significantly stimulated.

4. Many women realized that if their sexual life is regular, their hair becomes shinier, their skin - bright and cleaner and their general appearance is more pleasant, magnetic and full of charm. This takes place both because of the fact that in their halo will be drawn subtle, positive energies and because the blood diffusion improves, thus irrigating the extremities of the body better. These results show up also because of an increase of the secretion of estrogens in the organism, which is directly related to the period of time during which the sexual intercourse take place, having positive effects upon the woman's body, strengthening it. For instance, an evening spent actively in your lover's arms is equal to a full session of gymnastics. The security and self-confidence, which are spontaneously displayed by a woman who is aware of the beauty of her body has the advantage of attracting men in an irresistible manner.

5. The sexuality made with continence is an excellent natural cure for insomnia. Even upon those who suffered from an obstinate insomnia, the sexual activity made with continence has a positive effect. The orgasm with no semen emission has a soporific effect upon those to whom the sadman comes later, balancing the quantity of blood and lymph in the organism. Those who experience such states weekly, know that the worries which cause insomnia don't seem to be so important any longer, after 7-8 orgasms with no semen emission.

6. The bones of the body become stronger and are regenerated. Indifferent of age, the organism of the women who have at least a sexual intercourse with continence a week, produces a double quantity of estrogens, as compared to the ones less active from this point of view or who don't practise sexual continence at all. The estrogens helps a lot to the strengthening and regeneration of the bony system and therefore, even young women who have deficiencies in the composition of the bones risk to suffer less from osteoporosis when getting the menopause. Winnifred Culter, a famous American researcher in the field of Biology and at the same time a founder member of the Athena Institute for Woman's Health has presented an amazing conclusion: "the women who have a reduce quantity of estrogens are not necessarily the unmarried ones, but especially the ones who alternate the periods of sexual satiety with total abstinence" The richer the period of weekly "feast" is in sexual intercourses made with continence, the more favoured the endocrine system will be. A woman who makes love only with continence 2-3 times a week will thus regenerate and harmonize her body.

7. After a sexual intercourse made with continence, permanent or occasional pains disappear as if by magic. Sexual intercourses made with continence between two lovers have as effects both the accumulation in the halo of some subtle positive energy that is collected through resonance from Macrocosmos, and the giving off of some endorphin substances which annihilate the pain in a natural way. Three orgasms without discharge may offer around six hours which will lack any pain in the case of sick persons indifferent if the respective disease is arthritis or an ordinary headache, sustains Judith Sachs, the author of the book "The Beneficial Power of Physical Love". An evening spent in your lover's arms (in the case in which both of them practise sexual continence with success) followed by a good sleep may reduce to zero even the pain in the back and its disappearance may be extended to even the third day. After this soothing happened once, the sexual intercourse made only with continence will always have the effect of a "magic" medicine, without mentioning the fact that for everyone it's more pleasant to make love than to take medicine.

8. The systematic practice of sexual continence has as natural effect the regulation of women's menstruation. Experiencing a prolonged orgasm without discharging of the sexual energy makes the menstruation be reduced a lot and makes it appear at precise periods of time. Some researches show that with women who have sexual intercourses with continence every week, generally the menstruation repeats itself every 29 days. Most of the women who make love in ordinary way and more rarely than once a week have irregular cycle. Moreover, those couples that practise sexual continence are safe from an unwanted pregnancy. They can have a baby only when they wish this.

9. The orgasm without discharge makes the size of the breasts increase with those women who practise sexual continence systematically. During the orgasm without discharging of sexual energy it could be noticed that the breasts of the women aren't "obedient" at all and increase their size with 25%. It also could be proved that at the same time the mammillas increase their diameter with over half of centimetre.

10. The deep orgasm with no semen emission (for the man) and without explosive orgasm (for the woman) makes the senses be sharpened. In the moments when sexual excitation is very deep but it is not followed by semen emission, the human senses start to be amplified because of the sublimation of the erotic energy, and most often they start to "buzz" like a secret force generator. Especially in the first stages the smell improves very much, this happening because a nerve that reaches the zone of the centre of pleasure makes the connection between the nose and the brain. The most stunning smells for us don't always come from different perfumes or cosmetic products, but from the mysterious, amazingly inciting natural smell of our lover. It is not by accident at all that sometimes you may be attracted by somebody's intelligence, financial power or beauty, but if beside this, that being's natural smell gives you headaches, the possible erotic relationship is considered history before beginning. In some secret erotic practices, the aim of the sexual intercourse with sexual continence is to intensely stimulate the senses until a deep state of trance is induced. In certain conditions, the advanced probationers of Tantra Yoga system endlessly prolong the overwhelming euphoria of the preorgastic state, by synchronizing the rhythms of their breathing. Then when they make this synchronization as good as possible, the state of ecstatic wandering which is reached, allows the two to experience the loftiest state of orgasm with no semen emission, and then the lovers truly feel that they are a tiny part of the macrocosmos, and thus they can reach the samadhi (divine ecstasy).

11. The immunity system works much better in the case of those who love and practise sexual continence. The constant sexual intercourse carried out only with continence significantly stimulates the functioning of the immunity system.
A research made at Pittsburgh University from USA, over women who suffer from breast cancer, has showed that the body of the patients who had a normal sexual life, contained more cells of T type which fight against the infection from the human body, as compared to the women who had unfulfilled sexual contacts or to whom these didn't exist. This means that the erotic pleasures in the case of sexual continence, could protect us from catching a cold or a flu.

12. Lovemaking with continence makes us be more self-confident. Without doubt a constant sexual activity with continence provides great physical pleasure, but have you ever thought how delighted with yourself you will be after 80-90 successes in this kind of lovemaking? Few other activities have such a positive effect upon your development as human being. Through the profound empathic feeling of the subtle boiling energy that comes from the lover, we dive in ecstasies in the God Eros' ocean.
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